Country Roots Folk Americana…with a little Parrothead sprinkled on top.

Take a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, drag him  around New Mexico for awhile then drop him in the middle of Eastern Colorado where it’s not unusual to see cowboys riding horseback through the drive thru at the local Sonic.  Mix that through the lens of Country, Roots, Rock, Folk and Americana music and sprinkle a little Parrothead on top.  That might give you some idea of how BJ Robinson writes and performs.

 With song subjects ranging from Drive-in summers in the Midwest to roadside graves and winters on the High Plains.  From Grandma’s kitchen to cowboy coffee over an open campfire.  And covers ranging from John Prine to the Eagles to Jason Isbell.  BJ sings a range of material as wide as his influences spanning over 5 decades and combines it all with stories from a self-proclaimed jack of all trades and master of none!

 BJ is available to book as a solo performer and can perform a wide range of originals and cover songs.  Based out of Elizabeth, Colorado, BJ is adept at engaging with diverse audiences and getting them to stay a little longer and have another drink.

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