Where in the World?

I’ve been writing.  I’ve been writing a lot...well for me anyway.  I wrote 5 songs last week in the Fearless Songwriter Challenge.  A facebook group dedicated to writing fearlessly and a real inspiration for those of us who have a hard time getting started.  The idea is to write 7 songs in 7 days and take no more than an hour to write each song.  I usually stretch that to more like 2 or 3 hours over the course of a day.  I like to sleep on the prompt.  I.e., the moderator gives a word or a phrase that usually can be taken in many directions.  They are posted each evening.  I like to let the ideas gel a little overnight - a lot of times the muse stirs me out of bed in the middle of the night with “the movie” running through my head.  If i don’t get up right then and write down the idea and some details, it is usually gone by morning replaced by the feeling that “Hey the muse was here last night and she had something really juicy, but you fucking slept thru it!”  Anyway, after gelling on the song, i will spend an hour writing in the afternoon.  Not editing mind you - that will come later.  I now have 3 or 4 songs i will go back to and edit the crap out of before anyone else hears the finished song.

I also wrote 3 songs a few weeks ago at “The Song School” at Planet Bluegrass.  Oh and a jingle.  I wrote a jingle in Steve Poltz’s class - talk about a cool guy.  I heard a fellow songwriter comment that he had a “song school crush” on Poltz.  I get that.  He is an amazing songwriter and human being and I got so much out of his classes.  I co-wrote a song with Shanna In A Dress - what a fun experience and a pretty funny song came out of it.

So now i will be editing and hopefully headed to the studio to do some recording finally.  I have some great material I can’t wait to share with you all.  Talk soon...